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Mutha Firkin Saturdays!

Let's have some fun with firkins!!!

One Saturday a month we will make a 10 gallon creation using a base beer and then adding any combination of fruit, adjuncts, hops or whatever fun things Chris comes up with! We will announce these creations 2-3 weeks before the launch so you have the chance to mark your calendar and come try it out!

We will tap the Firkin on Saturdays at noon! It will be available until it sells out! It's only 10 gallons so be here early, if it is something you definitely want to try b/c it may not every come back!!

Dates for 2022: 

August 20th @ 12pm

September 17th @ 12pm

October 15th @ 12pm

November 12th @ 12pm

December 10th @ 12pm

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